Top 20 must have property features

THE market may be tightening up and should this become more of a trend then we tend to return to the times when buyers ‘must have features’ become more prominent.

During buoyant house price rises, factors are less of an issue because buyers feel more confident in paying for their wish list knowing that this adds more value than it costs giving rise to a profit margin.

Gocompare have undertaken some research and provided a top 20 property ‘must have’ features as listed below.

Analysing the results provides some surprising findings.

It would appear that the eco factors are starting to work their way into buyers’ wish list.

Today we all seem to buy A rated appliances like fridges and washing machines, though a decade ago, the rainbow charts were still rather a novelty.

The EPC (energy performance certificate), which by some is considered a waste of money does illustrate well that central heating (69 per cent) and double glazing (68 per cent), well exceed a desire for period features that did not even get an inclusion this time round.

Though living in an area where cottages are very desirable one wonders if the results represent a fair assessment?

What is a noticeable trend is a move away from a conservatory to a garden (65 per cent) and for a higher reliance on being able to relax at home with your home amenities to include a higher reliance on technology (49 per cent), yet with the convenience of the local shop (50 per cent) just around the corner. There appears to be more home entertaining, which is also seen with children and less reliance on local schooling needs.

It would be interesting to see whether Stroud with its diverse housing also fits a similar trend. Living in a period property with a wood burning stove, no parking, nor double glazing we only have seven of the features unlike a modern family house today on a modern estate which typically would benefits from all the traits listed.

Moving forward, if you were looking to sell or improve your property for your own personal benefits, then the list does give a good guide to where your money should be spent. Whilst not inclusive to buyers wants, tenants also would have similar wishes which Landlord should take on board as part of any ongoing improvements.

Rank   Top 20 ‘must-have’ property features     %

1         Central heating 69%

2         Double glazing 68%

3         A garden 65%

4         Secure doors and windows 61%

5         Driveway or dedicated parking space 54%

6         Plenty of electrical sockets 54%

7         Local shops and amenities 50%

8         A good, reliable broadband connection

           strong enough to stream TV and film 49%

9         Friendly neighbours 47%

10       At least two toilets 46%

11       A bath 46%

12       A good energy efficiency rating 46%

13       A new boiler/ central heating system 45%

14       A reliable, clear mobile phone signal 44%

15       A shower cubicle 40%

16       A garage 39%

17       Cavity wall insulation 38%

18       A land line telephone 38%

19       A living room big enough for a large,

           flat screen television 37%

20       A dining room 35%