When the Koreans do something, they do the job properly. Take hybrid and electric cars. Other brands offer a hybrid. Or a Plug-in Hybrid. Or a full-electric contender. With this IONIQ model, Hyundai is able to offer all three. The most affordable parallel hybrid variant is a Toyota Prius rival, the full-electric model is primarily up against the Nissan LEAF and the Plug-in hybrid version is there to take on cars like Volkswagen’s Golf GTE and the Plug-in version of the MINI Countryman. It’s quite a product offensive.

It’s even more impressive to note that Hyundai hasn’t just copied its rivals but improved upon them. The parallel hybrid variant, for example, has a combined power output of 139bhp, compare that to the 122bhp figure you get in that rival Toyota Prius. The Plug-in model has a 31-mile driving range and can be charged in just 2 hours 15mins using a 3.3 kW AC charger. Meanwhile, the full-electric version has an operating range of 174 miles, compare that to the 155 mile figure you get in a 30kWh Nissan LEAF.

You wouldn’t say that this IONIQ is quite as eye-catching as a Toyota Prius, but in its own way, it’s quite a smart piece of design, copying its rival’s five-door design and size positioning somewhere between a Focus-sized family hatch and a Mondeo-sized medium range model.

Get inside and you might think a Prius was fractionally larger at the back - but there’s not much in it. Otherwise, the IONIQ seems to have the advantage. It also offers 100-litres more bootspace than the Toyota can provide. The Hyundai also feels higher quality inside, not only compared to a Prius but also in comparison to a Nissan LEAF. A dash highlight on op models is the 8.0-inch colour touchscreen, which includes Tom Tom navigation.

Hyundai has clearly thought very carefully before launching itself into the eco-vehicle market and this IONIQ looks a strong contender. We’re also impressed by the extent to which the brand has been able to increase the operating range of the full-electric version. It brings pure electric motoring that bit closer to being viable for more buyers.

All in all, Hyundai has, here, provided eco-minded motoring at the kind of price you’d pay for something much more conventional. For a large number of family buyers, this car should merit a place on any shortlist.