HAVING read Max Metcalfe’s entertaining column, the question on everybody’s minds must be “What was Mrs Metcalfe’s best cup of tea?”

I think we have a right to know!

Rather than a campervan, I would suggest that Max lobbies instead for a caravan.

With a campervan you have to sort everything out and stow everything if you want to drive off somewhere on holiday, and then you have to lumber an awkward and deeply unecological vehicle around.

With a caravan you just unhitch and you’re free to go where you want in your little car, leaving everything set up in the caravan.

Other benefits of caravans are that they don’t have to be taxed or have an MOT, and for a given storage area on your drive they provide more space than a campervan.

We have three-berth caravan that is so small and light we can tow it with our 1.2 litre eco-car, and yet when the awning is up the whole proposition is quite spacious.

We’ve been as far afield as Scotland with it. And in the winter months we have a decent spare bedroom on the drive.

Only benefit of campervans, as far as I can see, is that they’re easier to reverse but you soon get the hang of reversing a caravan.

I’d be interested to hear other people’s views.

Especially campervan owners.

Andy Williams

Chalford Hill