Stroud News and Journal readers have been coming up with suggestions for the future of Tricorn House.

The infamous eyesore just off the Cainscross roundabout in Stroud has been empty for nearly two decades.

Now plans have been unveiled to turn the building, built in 1972, into flats for sale on the open market.

But these are some of our readers' suggestions (some tongue-in-cheek) for the site, as posted on our Facebook page:

  1. Wait for an asteroid to blow it to smithereens. Ryan Griffin
  2. Build a Primark there. Naomii Hughes
  3. It's Stroud's answer to the Barbican Centre in London. Anna Usborne
  4. Sheltered or socal housing; that's what is desperately needed. Oliver Holmes
  5. It's an interesting building and just needs some care. Liz Bean
  6. Couldn't the people of Stroud buy it? I'd gladly give a fiver for one of the concrete blocks it's made from. Joe King
  7. A psychiatric hospital would be good in Stroud because a lot of people need help. Sharon Bishop
  8.  Knock the eyesore down. It would not be a good place to live. Elizabeth Parsons
  9. Am I the only person in Stroud that actually likes this building? Andy Stone
  10. No, there's two of us. Nicholas James