GLOUCESTERSHIRE Police is offering a free workshop in Stroud to help keep people safe online.

It is part of its Digital Awareness Week and aims to help people navigate the internet safely to reduce cyber-crime.

Victoria Brinton, from the digital intelligence unit, said: "We know people are using technology more than ever which sadly does create risks and vulnerabilities.
"This session is designed to help people understand those risks and show them how they can reduce them and keep themselves, and their families, safer online as a result."

People are now 20 times more likely to be a victim of fraud than robbery so the police is working hard towards digital policing and trying to keep the county safe.

Recent statistics reveal those aged in their mid to late 20s are now the number one target for fraud.

Identity fraud has increased by five per cent in the first six months of this year with 89,000 reported cases and 83 per cent of those cases were committed online.

The workshop is on Friday, October 20 at the Stroud District Council offices in Ebley Mill.

There are also workshops at Tewksbury Borough Council Chambers on Monday, Francis Close Hall in Swindon Road, Cheltenham on Tuesday, and at Gloucestershire College in Five Acres, Coleford on Thursday.

For more information and to book your place on the free workshop next week please visit: