WE’VE heard some deeply upsetting stories about animals becoming distressed while our valleys have been bright with stunning fire work displays.

But it’s worth remembering that this tradition also brings together communities for a really magical evening, it’s where childhood memories are created.

Or, as in the instance of the Rotary Five Valleys Fireworks (or Ebley Fireworks as it’s perhaps more commonly known) events such as these help to raise vital funds for charities.

Home firework displays are no longer about a Catherine Wheel which has been stuck to a fence by your dad that never quite works properly, or a short-lived sparkler that never quite writes your name.

Over the past decade or so, fireworks have become louder, more powerful and more readily available.

And flashes and bangs that used to take place over the course of an evening, or weekend, seem to be lasting a period of several weeks instead.

Just as you’d warn your neighbours if you’re having a big party it’s time to show more consideration when it comes to fireworks.

Perhaps a bit of warning could stop a tragedy such as Izzy’s.