A VERY large lorry got itself into a tight spot on a narrow lane near Amberley this morning.

Police say that the truck became stuck when the driver attempted to navigate Theescombe Hill, Amberley with his 28 tonne articulated truck just before 7am this morning.

The driver may have been trying to save time by avoiding the fire in Nailsworth earlier today, however his vehicle has now been stuck tight for over eight hours.

As firefighters fought to put out a major fire at a business off George Street many drivers looked for alternative routes to access the common while the W was closed to traffic.

After clipping a wall further up the road, the lorry became wedged at Amberley Court Farm, near Nailsworth, Stroud.

Although a recovery vehicle was sent to aid the situation by mid-morning, it was unable to release the firmly wedged lorry.

A larger recovery truck has been sent for.

Large transporters such as these often struggle with the narrow country lanes found around the five valleys due to the steep gradients and tight corners.