A SHAKEN couple are appealing for witnesses after a large car wheel dropped on the roof of their Suzuki as they drove along the Bath Road towards Tetbury earlier this week.

Rod and Ann Shaw were about a mile beyond The Tipputs Inn and a quarter of a mile from the Calcott Crossroads when the freak accident happened at around 2.45pm on Monday.

A large wheel appeared 12ft in the air before it crashed into their car's windscreen, crushing the car frame and roof before landing approximately 30ft away. 

Rod Shaw, the driver of the crushed vehicle said: "The tyre appeared out of nowhere, we're lucky that we were in the quite a large car, anything smaller and it would probably have killed us."

The tyre was travelling with such height and speed that the couple believe that it must have fallen from a truck or vehicle.

Luckily, although their car is now a write-off, the couple escaped with only small scratches and cuts.

If anyone remembers seeing a wheel on the road or falling from a vehicle at that time on the A46 would they please call the police on 101 and quote reference number GC-20171204-0268.