Blue badge holders can park in a loading bay on a street in Stroud, an adjudicator has ruled.

Mr Pycroft, a disabled driver, was given a ticket after he parked his car in the loading bay on King Street to get some keys cuts in December last year.

Not only were his blue badge and timer clock displayed, but Mr Pycroft had previously won an appeal against a ticket for parking in the same loading bay two years ago.

Mr Pycroft appealed against Gloucestershire County Council again, and his case was taken to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal.

During a telephone hearing, the county council argued there was no exemption within its 2017 on-street parking order for disabled badge holders.

It also argued that exemptions for disabled drivers only applied to spaces with “no waiting restrictions” and not loading bays.

But in a ruling on July 25, adjudicator Sarah Tozzi ruled that exemptions did exist for loading bays as they were a type of parking space.

She also told the council it had failed to properly consider Mr Pycroft’s reliance on his previous appeal, describing that as “procedural impropriety”.

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