UFOs were not to blame for damage to one of Ecotricity’s wind turbines, a newly published report has concluded.

The Stroud-based green energy supplier became the focus of the world’s media last month when one of its giant turbines at a wind farm in Lincolnshire was mysteriously mangled in the dead of night.

Extra terrestrials were blamed for the destruction after several locals reported seeing strange lights in the sky shortly before the incident.

After weeks of examination of the turbine’s manufacturer, Enercon, said that bolts securing the blade to the hub of the turbine failed due to ‘material fatigue’.

This means the bolts were put under a greater amount of stress than they were designed to handle – but a build up of ice on the blades has also been ruled out.

Further tests are being carried out.

Neither Ecotricity, Enercon or the Health and Safety Executive has any concerns about the safety of this, or any of the firm’s other wind parks.