Neil Carmichael is today unveiling his new initiative Adopt a Charity as part of his drive to highlight the importance of the charitable sector in the Stroud constituency.

It comes from Neil’s desire to encourage other citizens in the constituency to take up the challenge of adopting a charity and getting involved locally.

Neil comments: "By getting involved with charities, people have the chance to change their communities and make a lasting difference to the areas in which they live. I hope my example will encourage others to get more involved."

How it will work: ∑ Neil will invite local charities to send a 500 word outline to the constituency office to explain why and how he will be able to make a difference to the constituency through his involvement with them.

∑ Neil will select two charities and work with them for a year by raising funds, awareness and support for the charities.

Neil comments: "The significance of charities and non-government organisations to local communities cannot be understated. I am passionate about encouraging a thriving charity sector in this constituency."

"I hope this new initiative will encourage debate and discussion across the community about how we can take part in charitable causes and the role of charity in our everyday lives."

It is hoped that the idea of Adopt a Charity can be replicated by other people and that it can be the beginning of a new era of localism and charitable action.