STROUD MP Neil Carmichael has backed Chalford Hill’s long running campaign to get rid of the road running through the middle of the school.

For more than 19 years students have been crossing the busy road to get to classrooms on the other side.

While there have been no accidents yet, "there have been near misses," said Chairman of Governors Ann Parrott.

"Although children are accompanied by an adult at all times, we still have the chance that a child could run across without thinking," she said.

"When people drive down the road they are not aware that it runs through a school."

Now Mr Carmichael is backing the campaign, parents and teachers are grateful for the support.

He said: "I am pleased to be able to offer my strongest support for this closure for both safety reasons and to allow the school to make the improvements it needs to be able to continue delivering first class education".

A traffic survey, commissioned by Gloucestershire County Council, has recorded that on a typical school day the road is crossed up to 1400 times by pupils and staff.

Gareth Vine, from the Children and Young People Directorate at Gloucestershire County Council added his continuing support to the school’s campaign.

"It has been a long term aim of this authority to bring the school within a single safe site," he said.

The road closure is currently being considered by the Department for Transport and the school is expecting a response within five months.