PRESERVING green spaces and the future of the health service topped the results of a residents’ survey carried out by Stroud Town Council.

The survey, which was sent to all 6,000 homes in the parish, is organised every three years and is used to set the priorities for the council’s work.

More than 94 per cent of respondents felt they should be consulted on any changes to the health service.

Last year councillors called a public meeting over proposed changes to Stroud General Hospital and will continue to closely monitor the issue.

Elsewhere, more than 90 per cent agreed that the town council should protect and expand green spaces.

These are a priority for the council and since its last survey in 2008 it has acquired more green spaces and will continue to maintain and enhance them.

More than 88% of people who completed the survey agreed that the town council should work to protect footpaths.

Town mayor John Marjoram said: "The results of this survey will shape the council’s priorities for the next three years and help us ensure we are doing what residents want."

The top 10 issues from the survey that people felt were most important are as follows.

Health services 94 per cent.

Green Spaces 90 per cent.

Footpaths 88 per cent.

Walkers and cyclists 86 per cent.

Cleanliness 86 per cent.

Canals and gateway 85 per cent.

Youth facilities 84 per cent.

Recycling 83 per cent.

Energy efficiency 82 per cent.

Community groups 81 per cent.