A MAN who was once convicted of causing a death crash 'lost his rag' with two cyclists in a narrow lane near his home, a court heard on Wednesday.

Carpenter Kai Green, 39, of The Green, Elmore, shouted abuse at the pair and obstructed them with his car, the city crown court was told.

Professional cycling coach John Capelin and his partner Helen Paull were so concerned by Green's behaviour that they called the police.

Green denied a charge of driving his Peugeot 407 dangerously on Haywards Lane near the Pilot pub on April 16 last year but admitted careless driving. He also admitted public disorder.

His pleas were accepted by prosecutor Lisa Hennessy and he was fined £200 with five penalty points endorsed on his licence. He was also ordered to pay £100 costs and a £15 surcharge.

Mrs Hennessy said Mr Capelin and Ms Paull were on a 40 mile cycle ride and were on the lane between Elmore and Longney riding side by side when they heard Green's car behind them.

He sounded his horn from quite a long distance behind, she said. The couple were approaching a blind bend and adopted a 'defensive' position by moving to the centre of the lane to make themselves more visible.

"The car then started to overtake them. It came alongside them so close that Mr Capelin thought if he raised his elbow he would have touched it," Mrs Hennessy said.

"He was shouting abuse through the car window. Mr Capelin raised his hand and gestured for the car to move on,.

"Mr Green went ahead but then pulled to the nearside and slowed right down "As they approached Longney Junction he braked again and steered into the verge. He was still shouitng.

"He then drove away towards Longney While Mr Capelin was calling the police Mr Green returned from the opposite direction, still shouting at them.

Mrs Hennessy said poice later went to Green's house and he confirmed he had been involved in the incident. He told officers Mr Capelin had abused him and had squirted water over him.

"He admitted threatening the cyclist and said he did so because he was absolutely livid."

Green's past convictions including a conviction at Chester Crown Court in 1996 for causing death by dangerous driving when he was banned for four years, Mrs Hennessy said.

He had subsequent convictions in 1999 and 2002 for driving while banned and without insurance.

Judge Jamie Tabor QC commented "The disturbing thing is that his past should have taught him to drive better than this."

Steve Young, defending, said Green had been with his seven year old daughter at the time of the incident.

"He says that as he went past the cyclists Mr Capelin turned round and was himself gesticulating and being abusive.

"That was when he made a mistake and drove without due care.

"He accepts that his behaviour certainly amounted to driving without due care.