Christian Comment with Andy Harding of Psalms Strategic Youth and Sports Minster ON March 17, 2012 people from all ages, backgrounds and communities joined the Pray for Muamba campaign. His wife said every prayer makes him stronger, to God be the glory. It was considered a complete miracle that Fabrice Muamba began to rapidly recover, given that he was effectively dead for 78 minutes. What was described across the media was initially miraculous then became remarkable and then became virtually forgotten. That is until he walked out before last weekÕs Bolton match.

Muamba was clearly emotional, shedding tears. What was unthinkable and beyond people's wildest expectation had become the reality. Muamba could walk, talk and even contemplate a return to the Premier Football League. We turned to God in despair, he answered... but we forgot and moved on. In desperation we deem it acceptable to turn to God Ð and it is.

But God wants to be involved in every aspect of our lives. He wants to walk and talk with us, throughout our daily struggles and joys; our achievements and failings. It isnÕt that he ignores our 999 prayers in our darkest moments. It is more that the same God who created us, came to earth to ride the rollercoaster of life alongside us. God wants us to pray to him. God wants individuals, communities and nations to unite in prayer. Praying for our wellbeing, our families, our community, our nation, and all other areas of life that are important to us: and therefore important to God. Let us unite in prayer as so many of the football world did on the weekend of March 17. God listens and responds.