GLOUCESTERSHIRE’S first library staffed entirely by volunteers threw open its doors in Painswick last Wednesday (June 20).

The community-run venture, which is operating out of an upper floor room in the village hall, has been backed financially by the county council.

It was awarded £32,000 to help with start-up costs through the authority's Big Community Offer - an initiative designed to get local people involved with the running of services.

And it has also received a grant from the same fund of £38,500 to meet running costs over the next four years.

Painswick lost its village library three years ago after it was declared unfit for purpose.

Since then, the community had been served by a mobile library.

However, that service was lost in 2009 when the county council cut £1.8 million from its library budget.

Painswick’s new community run library will open from 10am-1pm every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, as well as 3pm-6pm every Wednesday and Friday.