WITH the Met Office predicting significant rain across England Friday and into Saturday, Gloucestershire County Council is reassuring communities that it is prepared and urging residents to do the same.

Gloucestershire Highways have additional response crews on standby across the county to deal with incidents as they arise.

Gully emptying and unblocking crews are also on standby.

So far the county has experienced wet weather, but not the heavy rain storms being experienced towards the north of the country. The worst of the weather should miss Gloucestershire, but the county council will be keeping a close eye on conditions over the weekend, monitoring Environment Agency flood alerts and Gloucestershire river levels over the coming days.

Cllr Will Windsor-Clive, Cabinet member for communities, said: "We have seen some very wet weather over the last couple of weeks, but the county council is ready to deal with any more severe weather coming our way.

"Since the floods of 2007, Gloucestershire County Council has invested heavily in flood alleviation works. Ongoing drainage works and major schemes with partners have made a real difference to the flood risk in the county."

There are currently no reported problems, closures or weather related incidents on the county's roads.

But with standing water on many parts of the highway with heavy rain reducing visibility, drivers are being warned to slow down and drive according to the conditions.

The advice is: reduce your speed; avoid heavy braking; slow down when approaching standing water; and turn and manoeuvre gently.

If you come across flooded roads: • Don't attempt to cross if the water seems too deep.

• Drive slowly in first gear, but keep the engine speed high by slipping the clutch - this will stop you from stalling.

• Avoid the deepest water, usually near the kerb.

• Remember to test your brakes when you're through the flood before you drive at normal speed.

Jason Humm, Highways Manager at Gloucestershire Highways said: "Gloucestershire Highways and our colleagues at Fire and Rescue are fully prepared, and have crews on hand locally to keep residents in the county safe.

"I would encourage all drivers to take care when driving and leave plenty of room for braking on wet roads."

Any problems on the roads, please contact Gloucestershire Highways on 08000 514 514.