Cricket, dancing and surgeries.

After an incredibly busy week in parliament with economic policy, the antics of bankers, restructuring of the armed forces, the first annual report on the National Health Service and foreign policy all featuring, I was looking forward to several constituency events to support and properly enjoy.

I was not disappointed, as the first big event was the opening of Stroud Cricket Club by Lily Allen.

The club has been in existence since 1850 and now has fantastic facilities to support and provide for cricket.

With a strong focus on encouraging young people to get involved through the youth and junior academy, the club is demonstrating a really strong commitment to the community.

The pavilion is fantastic and the Scandinavian design and materials make it a comfortable, functional and attractive place to be.

The opening event was characteristic of a friendly and dedicated sports club and I am certainly looking forward to visiting again, not least because the excessive rain on the opening night prevented the planned cricket match.

Next day I was in Uley to open the school fete.

Education is one of my key interests and so it was a pleasure to promote a successful school and one so obviously involved in the local community. Despite the extremely wet conditions, large crowds turned up to enjoy a huge range of engaging activities.

One of those activities was Zumba Dancing.

"World Jungle" provided excellent entertainment during the afternoon. This type of dancing is great for keeping fit and learning about new dance styles, rhythms and cultures.

I briefly joined in and also spoke to several of the dancers, all parents of children at the school from Dursley, Cam and Uley.

In between I did a roving surgery around Upton St Leonards, Painswick and Cranham.

I like to get out and about, meeting constituents – formally and informally – to be sure that concerns are properly recognised and understood.

This mechanism also enables me to support village halls and pubs, all necessary parts of life in the Valleys and Vale.

If you would like to discuss the issues raised above, please contact me on 01453 751572 or visit my website