TEENAGER Cressida Mawdesley-Thomas is travelling to Istanbul to work with young Christians and Muslims.

Cressida, 18, will visit Turkey for a week on a trip organised by The Feast, a Christian charity.

She is part of a team of eight Christians and Muslims from the west Midlands, aged 17 to 21, who will travel with three leaders to Istanbul on Saturday, August 25.

The trip, in partnership with World Vision Lebanon, aims to encourage young people to learn about different faiths and cultures.

Cressida, who has just completed her A-levels at Pate’s Grammar School, Cheltenham, said: "A couple of months ago, the founder of the charity came and spoke at my church, St Mary’s.

"My attention was captivated when he talked about young Christians and Muslims using their faith to come together to work for a more peaceful future."

While in Istanbul, Cressida will take part in workshops with young Christians and Muslims and will visit schools and youth centres.

For more information on the work of The Feast go to www.thefeast.org.uk