A STONEHOUSE-based magician is looking forward to learning a few more tricks of the trade from one of the biggest names in the business next weekend. Local magic man Colin Dymond, 49, will visit television illusionist Paul Daniels at his home on Sunday, September 2, for a spell of personal tutoring. Mr Dymond, a professional magician, children's entertainer and comedy ventriloquist, said it would be an 'honour' to receive help and advice from the industry legend who is probably best known for his hit BBC television series The Paul Daniels Magic Show.

A member of the prestigious Magic Circle, Mr Dymond himself has been a magician for over 15 years, performing on stage for adults, at children's parties, on cruise liners and in hospitals.

When he found out that Daniels was running the workshops to assist fellow magicians, Mr Dymond, an associate of the elite Inner Magic Circle, said he just could not pass up the opportunity to sign-up for one.

"He is just doing a couple of weekends with small groups and I was lucky enough to get a place," said Mr Dymond, whose girlfriend Wendi will be joining him for the magic lessons at Daniels' home.

"If you're going to learn from anybody you want to learn from the best in the business and especially someone who has been going for such a long time now.

"He has done just about everything there is to do from big stage illusions to close-up stuff so the workshop should be great."