TOASTERS have been banned at Stroud Maternity Hospital - because NHS managers fear they pose a risk to health and safety.
A whistle-blower, who contacted the SNJ, said county NHS bosses had ordered that the kitchen appliances be 'confiscated' from nurses because they were deemed to be a 'fire hazard'.
The prohibition appears to have bemused and angered midwives who like to offer tea and toast to mums after they have given birth.
"Until last week, a woman who gave birth at Stroud Maternity Unit could look forward to comforting tea and toast at any time of the day or night," the anonymous informer said.
"Midwives in the early hours could relax briefly with hot buttered toast. It was all part of the mother-friendly, baby-friendly atmosphere - but not any more."
The whistle-blower added that the decision might come 'as a bit of a shock to the 10  million toaster owners in the UK.
"It is nice to know that the great brains of the NHS management are concerned with such important matters and act with strict regard to logic, efficiency and compassion," they said.
In a statement, Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said toast would still be available at the hospital canteen but confirmed that toasters were not allowed in 'non-clinical areas for staff use'.
"Toast is often used as a snack to help people who are unwell or who are coming round from operations," it said.
"We toast hundreds of slices every day for our patients and have no plans to stop doing this where appropriate.
"Like many organisations, we do not permit toasters in non-clinical areas for staff use, however, toast is available for our staff in our restaurants."