A Tuffley pub was caught by special constables serving an underage girl.
The pub was targeted under Operation Nite-x on September 7 by special constables operating in the area.

They were caught up in the operation, aimed at tackling underage and binge drinking, disorderliness and enforcing licensing conditions, when a 14-year-old volunteer run a test purchase to see whether they would challenge her.

Sergeant Liz Lovell said: “This operation has been extremely successful – underage drinking and alcohol more generally can be a significant catalyst for anti-social behaviour and it’s important we tackle these matters.

“There are still a number of premises serving alcohol to under 18s and this will remain our focus for future operations."

The result of this failure to meet the requirements of their licence was that the member of staff who served her was given an £80 on-the-spot fine and further meeting are being held with the licence holder.