POLICE have stung drivers who disobeyed signs on Eastgate Street, Gloucester.

Special constables involved in Operation Nite-X have clamped down on motorists who ignored strict no entry signs.

The regulation was put into place but only takes affect between certain times, and only permits emergency vehicles, taxis and delivery vehicles to enter.

The aim of this part of the operation is to protect night club goers as they walk along the road.

Sergeant Liz Lovell said: “The measures in place on Eastgate Street are vital to ensure public safety for late night drinkers in the city centre, and have worked very effectively over the last year. However there are still drivers willing to contravene the restrictions and cause congestion in an area which has a high footfall late at night.

The officers handed out three £30 fixed penalty notices to drivers throughout the night of September 7.

She said: “We will continue to monitor the situation there.”