A TOWN-WIDE drinking ban is being considered by Nailsworth Town Council to combat anti-social behaviour.

Nailsworth Mayor, Steve Robinson proposed making Nailsworth parish an alcohol-free zone at a town council meeting on Tuesday, September 18.

Town leaders discussed the idea and said they needed to be better informed before making a decision.

Councillor Jonathan Duckworth said: " I am not convinced it is the root of the problem. The ban does not cover illegal drugs, which has also been an issue.

"It would be a huge step for Nailsworth and not one we should be taking lightly."

Councillor Paul Carter added: "I am in favour of doing something but I feel we are getting ahead of ourselves. We need to talk to the district council, the police, the Chamber of Trade and the people of Nailsworth."

Councillor Robinson told councillors that a one-year consultation would have to take place before the ban could be implemented.

The proposed alcohol ban will be discussed with members of the community at a public meeting on Tuesday October 1.

The council will then meet with police Inspector Martina Lamden and the district council's senior community safety officer Phil Sullivan to find out more about drinking bans.