Christian Comment with Anton Wynn Psalms Children and Youth Minster

FOLLOWING a week at Soul Survivor over the summer, I have been reflecting how, as Christians we so often turn worship upside down.
Instead of showing God how much he is worth to us, we turn it inwards and become interested in what we can get from worship. Perhaps you have heard, or even used the phrase 'The worship was great / was not so great this morning?'
Worship is about honouring and glorifying God but so often in worship we can focus upon ourselves, and what we get from it, and in doing so we lose that important fact.
In addition we can also be guilty of putting worship into a box by limiting it to certain times or places (How often have you be told We will now have a time of worship.)
Worship is about the whole of life.
What we do when we come together is only one aspect. Paul, writing in Romans 21, encourages us to Offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, Holy and pleasing to God - this is your true and proper worship.
Jesus was sent to pursue God's mission of saving the world.
We can therefore be relatively sure that worship which glorifies him is not just about singing songs or taking time to pray but about getting out into the world to share the good news about Jesus, living lives that demonstrate his goodness and acting in ways that show his concern and love for others in our communities.
This Saturday, September 29, Christians from across the nation are going to be descending on Wembley for the national day of prayer and worship.
As part of this celebration, Hope Revolution encourages us to fill in the gaps in our worship to God by playing a bigger part in it. Praying, abstaining and reaching out into our communities with acts of kindness, before finally coming together.
Maybe this is a good time for us to consider if God is calling us to refocus the way we are worshipping today?
You can find more details about the national day of prayer and worship by visiting and Hope Revolution at