The Conference Recess has started. This is when all of the political parties can hold their annual conferences and it also provides for additional time to be spent by Members in their constituencies. Before we left Westminster, Parliament considered the important Infrastructure Bill, a measure to encourage investment in key sectors including housing, energy and transport by providing a guarantee fund.

Key events for me back in the constituency included a meeting of the steering group for the Festival of Manufacturing and Engineering. The inaugural Festival took place last April and, because of the excellent feedback received, we plan to make it an annual event but the timing will change to week beginning 11 November 2013 in order to suit schools and colleges. We have a whole year to plan but, already, the programme is being developed.

Another meeting was very much a local one for me. The Maypole Roundabout at the top of Paganhill Lane is often very busy for cars and also well used by Archway school pupils so the pedestrian crossings provision, including access to Mill Farm Drive, is being examined with some proposals being worked up following a very constructive conversation with Gloucestershire County Council.

This week was also an opportunity to get out and about, this time to Painswick, Cranham and Upton St Leonards. I hold roving surgeries around the many villages in the Valleys and Vale in order to stay properly in touch with our communities. Like all surgeries an eclectic range of issues always crops up but it is also useful to simply catch up with events and news on an informal basis.

I am pleased to say that my determination to ensure that all post offices remain open is paying off. A successful outcome in Amberley and the temporary suspension of activities in Painswick soon coming to an end both bode well for the future.

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