Christian Comment with Tracy Spiers of Stroud Christian Fellowship THE brand new space wagon gleamed inside and out.

Its amazing array of electronic gadgets, buttons, DVD players and sliding doors impressed my five children no end.

I felt rich driving it. But it wasn't mine.

It was on loan while our old Scooby-Doo van received much needed plastic-surgery after I wedged it between two gate posts. I felt important behind the wheel of this new model; pressing buttons to make it open and close at my command; until one afternoon.

I had pulled onto our drive and after getting four girls into the house, returned for the youngest twin.

As I leant over to unbuckle her car seat, the boot suddenly lifted up in the air and shut again, and the door I was leaning out of, jolted into life and began to close.

Tartley, I swiftly moved my legs out of the way before they were caught in the guillotine.

The car had come alive and I was out of control.

I couldn't find the keys but managed to squeeze out the driver's seat with a bewildered twin before anything else happened.

Inside the house, sitting at the farthest corner of the lounge was the four-year-old controller, happily pressing the electronic car key fob.

'Hey, this is fun mummy,' she announced, pressing another button.

It made me think. Sometimes we can be in situations that feel out of control and we have no comprehension as to what is going on and why.

It is then we that we need to remind ourselves in whom we believe. It is a choice.

There are some things we can control but there are others we can't and it is at these times we need to trust that God is in control, regardless of what we see and feel and is working things out for our good.