RUMOURS are circulating on social media sites and elsewhere about suspicious incidents involving children in the area.

During the past week, reports have been received from areas including Stroud, Wotton, the Forest of Dean and Tewkesbury of adults in vehicles approaching children.

Police say some of these reports have been given second hand and there is nothing to suggest any criminal offences have been committed or any children have been harmed in this way in the county.

Chief Superintendent Nigel Avron said: “We can obviously understand that parents will be concerned whenever they hear reports of this nature.
“With national media coverage of the police search for April Jones in Wales, fears will obviously be heightened.

“Child safety is naturally at the forefront of everyone's minds and we will always thoroughly investigate any report of a suspicious incident where children are involved. We will also issue warnings via the local media and on social media sites when we have genuine concerns something which has taken place.

“We also work closely with local schools, ensuring that when such reports are received the schools are able to notify parents and provide accurate safety advice to their pupils.

“It’s great people are being vigilant and more alert but we don’t want the community to be paralysed with fear or to believe every rumour that they hear.

“The best thing parents can do is give their children sensible safety advice and obviously report any concerns they have to us.”

Safety advice can be obtained via the Constabulary’s Kids Aware website