A TOWN-WIDE drinking ban was dismissed by residents at a public meeting in Nailsworth on Monday.

police Sergeant Patrick Willenberg and the district council's senior community safety officer Phil Sullivan met with members of the community and town councillors after concerns were raised about anti-social behaviour in the area.

Gordon Pearce, of Nailsworth Ironmongers, said: "We care about our town. We want our town to thrive and we want people to feel safe."

A drinking ban would give the police the power to confiscate alcohol from street drinkers, but concerns were raised that this would rely on a heavier police presence in the town.

Mr Sullivan said that CCTV cameras might be a better option, as they would act as a deterrent.

Sgt Willenberg told residents that incidents relating to street drinking had more than doubled from last year.

He reminded people to report incidents to the police on 101 so that laws already in place can be enforced.

Nailsworth Mayor, Steve Robinson, said: "We have heard what the people have to say and it will be discussed at a full council meeting later this month."