A MISSING dog has been reunited with its owner after an overnight adventure took him on a five mile journey from Randwick to Nailsworth.

RocketDog, a one-year-old ginger cocker spaniel-poodle cross, ran away after being spooked on a morning stroll with his dog walker in Standish Woods on Friday, September 29.

Lucy Garden and her daughter Maizie, 16, spent hours scouring for the missing pooch, posting fliers and diligently checking animal shelters and  vets. Notices were also posted on Facebook and Twitter.

Lucy, of Summer Street, Stroud, said: "RocketDog usually comes straight back when he is called. On this occasion he just went. Something must have spooked him.

"We were absolutely devastated."

Sightings began to come in from people who had spotted RocketDog on the A46 towards North Woodchester and on a cycle track near Egypt Mill, Nailsworth - some five miles away from where the dog disappeared.

The frantic family then concentrated their search on Nailsworth, putting posters up in shops and pubs.

But some worrying news came that evening when a motorist called to say he had hit a dog matching RocketDog's description.

The panicked pooch was missing all night but friends, family and even strangers continued their search in the darkness.

After a sleepless night and another day searching it was three teenage boys, who had seen one of the posters, who found RocketDog near North Woodchester on the Saturday evening.

Lucy said: "I remember feeling beyond excited and utterly desperate to get to him. When I got there I ran as fast as I could along the track.

"The amount of people who helped was staggering. I want to say thank you to everybody."