THE new session of the winter season will be held on Wednesday, September 3, 2014 at St Joseph's Church Hall, Oldends Lane, Stonehouse at 7.30 pm.

The programme begins with all members displaying items they have accumulated over the Summer holiday.

This always proves to be a very interesting and stimulating event, with the world of stamps and postal history being displayed by the odd and unusual portrayed on stamps and covers that have been sent through the Post, or not.

The first meeting is followed on September 17 with a display on Gibraltar and UK Philatelic Congress items, given by a visiting speaker.

On October 1 another visiting speaker will present a talk and show items from the 19th century Ionian Islands.

October 15 is another opportunity for members to show their presentations under the headings of the letters L, M and N.

November 5, the night of fireworks will be augmented by our secretary giving a talk and display on another revolutionary 'Garibaldi' in his collection of Italy.

November 19 another member of the society, Mike Parker, will present the stamps and history of Haiti, another unusual area of collecting.

December 3 will be our annual dinner held at the Old Nelson, Stroud.

The end of the first half of the winter season is to be held on December 17 and will comprise of a swaps/bourse evening, where many bargains can be had.

If you are a stamp collector do come along and join our society, any information can be supplied by Bob Tungate on 01453 764 516 or email

We are a very friendly and enthusiastic group where you will be made to feel at home.

Look forward to hearing from you.