THE 59th Annual General Meeting was of the Friendly Circle was held at Stroud Rugby Club recently on Thursday, August 7.

The secretary reported that the year had been another successful and active time for its members.

Monthly meetings had been well attended and there had been a variety of speakers and entertainers.

There had been a talk on the Air Ambulance Service after which £72 had been donated.

In October, Katherine Lane form GRCC advise that help was available for anyone having problems setting up Freeview TV.

Members also donated produce for the Harvest Auction raising £86.

The November meeting was well entertained by the ‘Ad Hoc Singers’ from Gloucester and in December Rodborough Primary School children sang a lovely selection of carols and music with a modern twist.

In late December members received the sad news that their President, Robert Tiley, had died suddenly: Bob was a well know personality in and around Rodborough and is still greatly missed by the community.

No meeting was held in January, but the February meeting was well supported and aptly entertained by Mark Cummins of BBC Radio Gloucester, telling about organising his early morning broadcast with audience participation.

In March members were musically entertained by Paul Driscoll singing well known songs and getting members to join.

The subject for the April meeting was Life Boats with Mike Clapham, showing slides of the work began in 1824.

The Severn Lifeboat cost £2 million to replace and station costing £20K per month to run.

In May there was an opportunity to learn from Beverly McGowan of the vital work of the Citizens Advice Bureau and the volunteers dealing with many everyday problems.

In June and July, Mr Geof King showed two fascinating films, ‘Coins of the Commons,’ about the history, heritage and diversity of the local upland.

Talking to local people, botanists, farmers, dog walkers, ramblers, hang glider pilots, hobbyists, revealed the area beautifully filmed and edited.

Mr King sells the DVDs and donates any profits to the Stroud Door Project.

During the year members had enjoyed outings to Salisbury and Weston, a splendid Christmas Lunch, a trip to Taurus Crafts followed by lunch at the Ferry Inn near Chepstow.

Then in June a delightful holiday was spent at sunny Eastbourne, all due thanks to Josephine Fry, for organising them.

Concluding the AGM, Ron Cook was confirmed as the president.

The members thanked Norman and Yolanda Neal who retired from committee with a small presentation.

Members unanimously re-elected the remaining committee and thanked Mrs Sylvia Chadwick for joining the committee.

The meeting closed and the president thanked members for their support and the committee for their hard work.

Then everyone sat down to a fine lunch prepared and served by the catering team, the meal concluded with the cutting a large birthday cake by Joan and Michael Lewis.

The Friendly Circle welcomes anyone who lives in Rodborough who would like to join the meeting is asked to get in touch with either Ron Cook (763026) or Mrs Olive Heskins (765379) for more information.