Stroud Wassail Presents Food Bank with £500 Cheque

STROUD Wassail has presented a cheque for £500 to Stroud Food Bank.

The ceremony took place outside Stroud Subscription Rooms during the Stroud Folk Weekend.

The money was collected by Stroud Wassailers touring pubs and hotels throughout the five valleys during December and January last winter.

The Wassailers perform a play, sing songs and generally entertain.

Said Robin Burton, speaking for Stroud Wassailers: “It gives us the greatest pleasure to be able to help those great people at Stroud Food Bank. They help so many people and deserve support from all of us.”

Stroud Wassail is a festival of mid-winter customs that brightens what would otherwise be one of the most dark and depressing times of the year.

It brings the community together as well as attracting visitors to the town.

Stroud Wassail boosts local trade and supports local charities.

To quote the organiser of Stroud Market: “Stroud Wassail is one of the most vibrant and exciting events of the year with the town filled with extraordinary costumes and music and dancing seemingly on every corner. Since it started it has brought merriment and lots of visitors into town at a time of year when markets and town centres are generally very quiet and so is a massive benefit to all as well as being an absolute joy to behold.”

The festival has grown significantly since its small beginnings in 2013.

It now features a travelling Wassail show which tours the Five Valleys, Wassails at the Museum and in the town, dancing and mumming throughout the town (this year around 500 participated in this) and the Stroud Wassail Revels, a folk variety show.

The Stroud Wassail is run by a small group of dedicated volunteers.