Chemotherapy in the Community Week Keeps the Wheels Turning

in Gloucestershire

CELEBRATING its fourth annual campaign: ‘Chemotherapy in the Community Week’ (CITC), cancer charity Hope for Tomorrow will be bringing ‘Helen’, the Gloucestershire Mobile Chemotherapy Unit (MCU) to The Gallagher Retail Park, Tewkesbury Road, Cheltenham GL51 9RR on Monday, October 9, from 11am - 2pm.

Hope for Tomorrow, which is based in Tetbury, Gloucestershire, brings cancer care closer to patients’ homes via its MCUs, operating in partnership with NHS Trusts around the country.

A wide range of different cancers is treated on board the MCUs, including breast, gynaecological, haematology, lung, brain, skin, and urology.

Chemotherapy in the Community Week offers people the chance to find out more about how they or their loved ones can be helped by the services offered on the MCUs.

‘Helen’ has been in operation since February 2007 and visits Tewkesbury,

Cinderford, Stroud and Cirencester on a regular basis and in 10 years of operation, has saved patients over 728,000 miles and over 54,000 hours in travel and waiting time.

She was named in memory of a dear friend of the charity Founder, who sadly passed away from cancer.

This is your chance to come and speak with the nurses, drivers and patients about the benefits for those who are receiving their cancer care on board, as well as the various treatments that are carried out.

Founder and Trustee Christine Mills, MBE, says: “Our theme for this year is ‘Keep the Wheels Turning’. We are in our tenth year of operation and through CITC Week we educate people on our services, demonstrating that our MCUs treat a wide variety of cancer and offer treatments including blood transfusions, PICC line flushing, injections and oral chemotherapy. Together with our NHS partners we want to show how much we care about the quality and individuality of chemotherapy treatment.”

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