Stonehouse British Legion Women`s Section with speaker Bryan Webster, Rotary Club member

THE monthly meeting of the Stonehouse WRBL took place at the Community Centre on Thursday, September 28.

The exhortation and silent tribute were observed at the start of the meeting.

Our speaker for the afternoon was a Rotary Club member, Mr Bryan Webster.

He started with a brief history of the beginning and objectives of the charity, which now has over a million members.

Rotary aims to assist others, as individuals, as groups or where there are humanitarian crises worldwide.

Mr Webster showed slides to illustrate the various local events they have been involved in, they have helped in youth club and school activities, such as providing strips for football teams.

Internationally the Rotary Club instigated "The Green Box" used in a crisis situation.

The boxes contain everything needed to make a new home - shelter, beds, mosquito nets etc. even some toys.

The talk was very interesting and well received.

Many of our members were surprised at the breadth of activities both locally and internationally that are undertaken.

Members brought harvest goods to be distributed to the needy.

Our next meeting will be on Thursday, October 26 at 1.45pm at the Community Centre.

Members are asked to bring an old postcard for the competition.

We are always pleased to welcome new members.