All of a flutter for the CLIC Sargent Pigeon Race for Young Lives

ON SEPTEMBER 2, thousands of young pigeons were released from Normandy to start their epic journey home, across the English Channel and on to their home lofts all over the UK.

Each pigeon was timed in its journey, and the public were invited to sponsor a pigeon, to be in with a chance of winning fabulous cash prizes.

All together the event has raised almost £2,600 for young lives facing cancer.

The fasted five sponsors have been notified, with their winnings winging their way to them.

Judith Mitchell in Bristol was the lucky first prize winner and Nicola Perry in Somerset came second and Janet Wilcox from Bath came fourth.

Organiser Martin Newnham from Bristol said: "My godson Stuart was unfortunately affected by cancer many years ago. I saw first hand how the support from CLIC Sargent helped families during the most traumatic times.

"I’ve had pigeons since I was nine years old (it's viewed as a strange hobby by many people I meet!). My children and their friends, who are now grown up, enjoyed seeing them fly free, watching the eggs hatch and the young pigeons grow.

"One of their favourite stories as young children was Mr Potter's Pigeon. The story inspired me to organise a small race from my son's school. The children tied messages to pigeon's legs and the winner won a small cup.

"The CLIC Sargent Pigeon Race for Young Lives is a much bigger version where lots of people have a chance to get involved to support a great cause and perhaps win a prize!

Local Fundraising Engagement Manager Rachel Webster said; “It has been amazing to work with pigeon fanciers all over the UK to support the Pigeon Race for Young Lives. Thank you very much to everyone who took part and a huge well done to our lucky winners!”

For more information about how you can use your skills and interests to support young lives facing cancer, please get in touch with Caroline on 07717 544062 or on