The Great Hopelands Cake-Off cooks up a storm

TO CELEBRATE the final of Channel 4’s Great British Bake Off, Hopelands Preparatory School ran their own competition to find the school’s Best Baker.

With a ‘Technical Challenge’ presenting a Halloween Themed Victoria Sponge cake, 32 future baking stars submitted their creations for judging.

Each pupil paid £1 to enter with the proceeds going to Macmillan Cancer Support.

Our own local celebrity Head Judge – Nicky Massey ( who owns and runs Mrs Massey’s Delicious Diner at Frampton (having previously supplied her own preserves and pickles to Fortnum and Masons) - was tasked with the almost impossible job of choosing a winner.

“I watched the Bake Off last night and I truly believe any one of these cakes could have been entered into the final”.

Our second judge Mrs Claire Lord, Hopelands Teaching Assistant and Cookery Club leader who organised the competition and is herself a cake decoration artist said: “I am absolutely overwhelmed by the high-standard of baking and the wonderfully innovative ways in which the cakes have all been decorated. Cooking is a life-skill which should not be under-estimated, and I am extremely grateful to all the parents for their support”

Head of PSHE, Mrs Barbara Sands, agreed saying: “It's wonderful to see children taking an interest and getting involved with where food comes from and how their favourite snacks are made... not necessarily Aisle 7 at the supermarket!”

There were four prizes.

First prize for the cake which was judged to have most closely followed the brief and which scored highly in both design and taste went to Tabitha Robbins from Year 5.

Second prize, for the cake judged to be the most delicious out of all the bakes went to Phoebe Smart, also in in Year 5.

The third prize went to Alice Stevenson in Year 6 for her fabulous Witches’ Hat.

And the fourth prize, for style and fun, went to Rowen Allen in Year 1.

The first three winners each received a cook book and the fourth prize was a set of speciality cookie cutters.

Mrs Sheila Bradburn, Headteacher, declared her delight in the children’s enthusiasm: “The determination of the pupils to do their best and take pride in their work, whatever it is, is what makes Hopelands special. I am so very proud of them all”

After the judging some of the cakes were sold off to parents and children, either by slice or entire – albeit with just a little bit missing from each one.

Nicky’s final comments summed up the whole event: “I am so privileged to have been asked to judge this competition. All too often we hear of children filling up on junk food or taking no interest in what they eat. Today we have seen just how creative and talented our future young chefs can be. Every one of the entrants should give themselves a big pat on the back”.