MADAM – I was most interested to read the letter from Roger Brooke (SNJ July 16) about the Rev W Awdry and his creation Thomas the Tank Engine.

He makes a lot of valid points.

So why has Stroud almost ignored this man whose locomotive stories are known almost all over the world?

Mr Brooke also says it needs a ride-on railway. It’s a nice thought, and would have been possible if the Midland Railway route from Stroud had not been destroyed, with little thought that it might be needed in the future.

What a hit that would be today with Thomas at work in his home town. It has been said that it’s too late, well, miracles do happen, just look at our local canal now rising from the ashes of years of neglect and vandalism.

However, all is not lost Mr Brooke, there is still half-a-mile of the old railway route between Rodborough Hill and Dudbridge Hill that is still in existence with plenty of room for a railway and the cycle track.

Just imagine Thomas operating very close to the place where he was created, all the thousands of his followers would learn that Stroud is the place of his birth.

No doubt the Rev Awdry would be chuffed.

J Bond

Chalford Hill