MADAM – What has happened to Frampton? I was looking back on our village life now that the last shop is closing, I remember White’s shop – which sold knitting and sewing needs, one bakery, five shops, one hair dresser, three pubs, two garages, two butchers, one dentist, one Post Office, a coal yard, undertakers, vicarage (with vicar), Cadbury’s factory, school, church/chapel, tennis court (no charge), police station, doctors, football/cricket club, Bradley’s Fox Wreaths Flowers For All Occasions and building firm (Dave Evan’s).

I feel so sad that people who live in a village do no appreciate what they have been until it goes.

I know different clubs have opened but unless you can pay for these things you can’t join. It is so sad that this has now happened.

I do hope that the shop/Post Office will open again to keep some community.

I know we still have the doctors, football/cricket clubs, hair dresser, two pubs, one garage, undertakers, school, church/chapel which we are grateful for, but with bus services rare throughout the day, life will now be hard for the community I grew up so much to love.

Diane Cook

Frampton on Severn