MADAM - With the new school year looming ever closer, local children are preparing to pack their bags and return to the classroom and playing-field.

Unfortunately Action for Blind People has found that youngsters who are blind and partially sighted often aren’t given a sporting chance, many finding themselves left out of PE.

Without the right support and equipment, youngsters who are vision impaired are unable to fully engage in school sports, finding themselves pushed to the sidelines.

We know that school budgets are stretched, but it’s really important that youngsters with sight loss are given a level playing-field when it comes to sport and social activities.

That’s why we’ve set up multi-activity ‘Actionnaires’ clubs to give young people who are blind and partially sighted, with their parents, opportunities to take part in activities they may not otherwise have access to.

Our goal is to help them to build friendships, boost their confidence and increase their independence – all important life-skills they can take back to school.

For further information about local activities for youngsters with sight loss, email phone 0117 934 1704, or visit the website:

Rebecca Thurgur

Action for Blind People – South West