MADAM – A few letters in the SNJ need to be addressed, so in no particular order here goes.

Firstly Anthony Powells astounding assertion that the most savage attack on sick and disabled people, among others, somehow will lead to a fairer society beggars belief.

He should try telling that to the 40 per cent of MS sufferers who were declared fit to work by the henchmen employed by Government bully in chief Ian Duncan Smith, or those suffering terminal cancer declared fit for work by ATOS, I doubt that they feel the Conservative way deserves praise.

The best measure of how decent any society is can be measured by the way it treats the elderly, disabled, those who are ill and it’s children, this Government has failed lamentably.

That is not making tough choices, it is bullying those who can’t hit back.

A decent society, I don’t think so.

As for the various Labour contributors, what is their complaint with Carole Kambites quite fairly pointing out that local activists would like to see far more radical policies than the Labour leadership are going to contest the next general election on?

Did they not read Brian Oosthuysen’s letter to yourself on the July 23?

Brian called for the sort of policies that only the Green Party will be offering next May.

The truth about Labour nationally is that they support the Tory welfare cap which by definition means a continued attack on disabled people and single parents to name just two groups of people who have borne the brunt of the Coalition’s cruel austerity measures.

Labour is struggling because it has alienated it’s core, traditional supporters for years, even had David Drew held Stroud, Labour would have still lost the last election by a distance.

Unless it offers a radical alternative to the Tories, Lib Dems, and even UKIP it has no chance at all next May either.

In truth the difference between Labour and the Tories is minimal, why would anyone seeking a radical alternative based on social justice, fairness, peace instead of war and a fundamental redistribution of wealth vote for them?

Perhaps Steve Lydon, and Paul Shevlin could supply us with an answer.

For those of us who want to see radical left of centre policies there is only one possible vote next May, and that is the Green Party.

Kevin Ellis