MADAM – I am writing to express my incredulity on learning from your report in the SNJ dated July 30 that Liz Peters is to undergo some sort of ‘training’ in racial matters.

What on earth is the world coming to? – or rather, what on earth has Stroud District Council become?

All Liz Peters said, when indicating her opposition to a committee motion,was “I’m afraid I’ll have to play the n----- in the woodpile here and vote against.”

The phrase was common parlance years ago, as anyone over 50 will remember, and Liz was referring to herself with the offending term, not anyone else.

Furthermore, she promptly apologised and I understand his apology was accepted, I was having a coffee in Stroud when people at tables nearby were reading the SNJ and discussing the matter: every one of them concurred with the views I’ve expressed here.

Mavis Mandel