ON Dale Vince’s proposal to build a new 5,000-seater stadium for Forest Green Rovers FC at Javelin Park if controversial plans for a waste incinerator are rejected.

Posted by Steve Knowlson: I don’t understand this.

Forest Green Rovers have an excellent squad and may well achieve promotion this season but unless there’s a local derby their support remains stubbornly around the 1200 mark - hardly a reason to build another 5,000 capacity ground that could be expanded to 10,000.

FGR already have a new stadium in the New Lawn. It’s a 5,147 capacity ground that is only eight years old.

One side of the ground is pretty much undeveloped, so why on earth does Dale want to build yet another 5,000 capacity ground?

Just think of the resources and carbon expended to build another stadium.

That’s hardly very green, is it?

Posted by Nimue Brown: Perhaps if the incinerator falls through, Gloucestershire County Council could use the site to store all of its flying pigs.

On the demonstrations by Stroud Labour Party outside several train stations in the Five Valleys against rail fare increases and calls by Labour’s parliamentary candidate David Drew for the rail network to be re-nationalised.

Posted by K D Cranston: It is all very well David Drew suggesting that re-nationalisation would benefit passengers and taxpayers but he is a member of a party that has no interest in re-nationalising the railways.

Only one party has a commitment to re-nationalise rail in its manifesto and the is the Green Party It is disingenuous for David and Stroud Labour Party to suggest a nationalised railway would be better for passengers and taxpayers when they know that the Labour Party had no intention to re-nationalise the railways.

Only one political party has made that commitment unambiguously and that is the Green Party.