MADAM – I see no point in descending to a ‘tit for tat’ argument with members of the local Labour Party (letters, August 13), especially as Green, Labour and Lib Dem councillors are working together on Stroud District Council for the benefit of local people.

I would just point out that the last Labour government did nothing to halt the privatisation agenda which is the root cause of so many of our problems.

Rather, they introduced a creeping privatisation agenda to the NHS and did their best to appear as ‘free-market’ as the Conservatives.

There seems little point in choosing between Labour and Conservative governments when their policies, and more significantly, their actions, are essentially the same.

If we really want to change British politics so that it operates for the common good rather than in the interest of big business, then we need to be brave enough to look outside the short-term ‘business as usual’ approach of the major parties.

If enough people do that, then change will happen.

Only the Green Party has a long-term vision that really puts people and the planet before profit and self-interest.

Carol Kambites

Stroud Green Party