ON the Lord Ashcroft poll which predicts a Labour win in Stroud at the next general election.

Posted by Sweet Charity: Neil Carmichael knows perfectly well that the reason for the redoubling of the Kemble to Swindon line now is so that First Great Western can divert mainline south Wales trains via Stroud during the electrification of the Severn Tunnel. Nowt to do with him.

Posted by GlawsStudent92: No surprises whatsoever, our incumbent MP is economical with the truth - in the 2013 elections (everyone able to vote in Stroud), Labour and the Tories were neck and neck.

In the Stroud constituency, Labour has 21 councillors to the Tories 20.

Perhaps the only time the truth will set in is the morning after David Drew returns as Stroud’s voice in Westminster following Neil Carmichael’s demise.

As for the Green Party, about time they get real and realise the only way they can come close to achieving any of their aims (including electoral reform) is to back the progressive candidate David Drew, otherwise they are just assisting the Tory vote fodder that is Neil Carmichael getting back in.

On district councillor Steve Robinson’s ice bucket challenge.

Posted by Nailsworth Computers: We were only to pleased to sponsor Steve to do this, as he is such a hard working man for Nailsworth and Nailsworth Youth Club that we also help to fund.

I can tell you it was very cold and I take my hat off to him for doing it.

Well done Steve and keep up all the great work you do, from all your friends at Nailsworth Computer Shop.

On the completion of work to re-double the railway line between Swindon and Kemble.

Posted by kjag23: To take two-and-a-half years to complete the work just shows how incompetent basically everybody is.