IN RESPONSE to Tom Newman’s letter (SNJ Jan 4), when he states that “the new signed-up members of the Labour Party are undoubtedly members of Marxist parties”, he displays complete ignorance of the membership and I wonder if he has ever taken the trouble to actually speak to any of the hundreds of thousands of new members.

I have been a supporter of the party all of my life (and I have never been a member of any other party) but was disgusted with the way Blair took us to war and with his neo-liberal policies such as the selling off of the NHS (PFI) and tuition fees (to name just a few).

Although I do not see Corbyn as a natural leader, he has deep-rooted principals and he has policies that I agree with. But as Tom correctly asserts, these policies are not in line with the traditional right-wing press (or even much of the left-wing press!).

But let’s consider Corbyn’s stance on Trident and nuclear disarmament.

Now I fully appreciate the argument for maintaining weapons as the ultimate deterrent, but this argument only holds when the man with his finger on the button is completely trustworthy – but can anyone seriously argue that Donald Trump is that man?

I would far sooner live in a world without nuclear weapons than live in one where Donald Trump has his finger on the red button.

I imagine Tom believes that Corbyn’s other policies in areas such as the environment, the NHS, welfare and education are also extremist, but for the most part I believe that they make complete sense.

For example, there are two sides to the fracking debate, but there seems to be sufficient scientific data to give major cause for concern, and Corbyn has made a careful judgment to ban it, coinciding with the views of many liberal-thinking people.

I would like to emphasise that his policies are not extreme left, they are simply socialist policies.

Tom, I would ask if you are or have ever been a member of the Labour Party, because if so you would see on the back of the membership card it states that our party is a democratic socialist party and Corbyn is simply implementing policies that our party is supposed to be standing for.

Andrew Finebaum