ON the £305,000 which was generated from car parking charges and parking tickets for Stroud District Council last year.

Posted by DanBob: I was expecting to find lots of complaints about this on here! I personally don’t have a problem with them making a profit from parking charges. Anything that helps fund council services without increasing the council tax to us residents can’t be all bad. Our charges aren’t too bad (wouldn’t want to see an increase though) but maybe some more discounts like the Free After Three initiative?

Posted by MoreSilentMajority: They’ll increase council tax anyway, AND cut services. It’s their nature.

Posted by T0mB: Imagine the economic benefit to a not so vibrant town centre if there was some free parking.... or perhaps if the council were to dedicate all of their earnings to economic regeneration in the town.

Posted by TigerTigerBurningBright: How long should the free parking last? An hour? 90 minutes? If someone can afford to buy and run a car, should they be offered free services?

Posted by No to red trousers: Here you go again. We all know your views on car drivers and how you don’t need to own one. Why should you when you can bag free lifts off everyone else and how you think we are subsidised by the state so why should we also get free parking as well. Wouldn’t it be great if for one month we all stopped using our cars. No road tax to pay or insurance. No heavily taxed fuel to buy. No need to use the local garage for servicing or repairs . Maybe then you would see through your rose tinted specs how much we contribute towards the upkeep of this country so that you can use and abuse the many services that you think is your right.

On the calls for new measures to tackle speeding motorists in Oldends Lane, Stonehouse.

Posted by Mr Snail Trail: I seriously doubt the majority of vehicles are speeding down Oldends Lane as parked cars and the pinchpoint at the bridge act as a natural traffic calming features... I wonder if the town council have any speed survey data to back up their complaints? I’m also not aware of any collisions occurring in this road as I live locally.

A 20mph limit will not resolve the reported problem.