WOODCHESTER Park is an area of outstanding natural beauty in a secluded woodland haven.

Local residents will go there to enjoy the luxury of covering around seven miles of quiet woodland trails.

But we are not alone and there is a reward if you can catch one of the beasts that I know are lurking in the shadows!

As well as the Big Cat, evidence of another type of beast has been building on a daily basis over the last few months.

These elusive and wry animals are the most stealth-like imaginable.

Only a hidden camera or people armed with night-vision goggles will ever catch a glimpse from a distance.

They are quite big and disguise their footprints where humans have been, showing absolutely no fear of being caught.

These beasts resemble Woodchester Mansion’s ugly gargoyles spewing their waste in the path of innocent people passing by.

But this beast has a wicked streak and is even more evil.

It shows no respect for walkers strolling along the woodland paths.

It leaves a garishly obvious trail, sometimes using scented and lurid colours to attract fairies and sometimes leaving evidence hanging on low tree branches.

I despair at the prospect of ‘the beast’ creating new ornamental features in the park which would never be copied in your own garden.

I pity these ‘beastly irresponsible dog-owners’ who shamelessly dump their bagged dog waste and saunter away from the crime scene, content to re-offend again another day.

This type of beast needs to be extinct.

You have to walk past waste bins to get back into your car and speed away.

Easier still, why not leave such unpackaged waste to rot in the undergrowth.

I would happily reward anyone who catches one of these beasts so they can be named, shamed and fined.

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