DO ANY of you recall titles like House of Lies, or The Agent Orange Cover-up?

To quote, verbatim, the findings in a recent US Congressional Report: “The government and CDC (Center for Disease Control) wilfully ignored any and all evidence of that harm (that of Agent Orange) and then conducted its own research to prove these chemicals were safe—research that was intentionally flawed and that is largely disregarded today.”

Clearly, there is a high likelihood of ‘conflict of interests’ when the same body that wishes to push something onto the public also funds and/or conducts the research meant to prove it is safe for the public.

Agent Orange & the Chemical Companies promoting it were not even 1/1000th as lucrative as the mobile/wi-fi communications industry.

Let’s take a more recent event, like the mass poisoning in Flint Michigan.

The one doctor who stood by her patients and would not alter her reports showing clear lead poisoning was vilified and her reputation was attacked.

Perhaps Jim Watson would accuse her and her suffering patients of ‘magical thinking.’ It took thousands more being poisoned and an out-of-state Lab specialist and multiple Federal Law suits to finally confirm that the people were being poisoned from their water for at least 18 months!

Recent evidence has shown that the Governor and many governmental bodies had financial interests in the new pipeline project and had suppressed the evidence and paid off or threatened doctors, and others who tried to put forward evidence to the contrary.

We ended up with the largest mass water poisoning the Western world has ever seen, and the cover-up keeps unfolding.

I cannot help but wonder who might be promoting ‘spurious facts’ when Jim Watson likens experienced and respected senior lecturers and doctors in one of the finest Medical Centres for Neuroscience (The Karolinska Institute in Sweden) in the world with ‘anthroposophists and those with similar forms of magical thinking.’ I think Dr Olle Johansson and his colleagues might find him rather insulting.

I might also note that Sweden was the first country to have and use cellular and wi-fi technologies and therefore it might just be a good idea to look at the evidence their specialists in neuroscience have gathered over the last decades.

Or were these scientists just busy creating magical spells and sipping flowers all these years?

Wi-fi and cellphones were just poured out upon us without any longitudinal studies of their effects.

Cell towers are erected without public consent all over the planet with many towers being on schools themselves.

When have we ever allowed any industry to do live experimentation with the public at large?

When did it become okay for industries to subject our children to anything all day long that is too new to be proven or disproven as safe?

The fact is, Jim, we best look to the countries that have had these technologies the longest and see what is turning up.

And if the BBC radio is correct and we are in a ‘post-truth era,’ the money trail of funding is very important.

While I agree with Francis Ray that faith is a good thing, I think the first two cover-ups I mention show that blind faith could very well lead to our demise.

Yes, we have become ‘dependent’ on this wi-fi that has been poured out upon us.

That does not mean that it should continue if it is directly harming us and even altering the health of our brains and bodies.

Blinkered could cost us our future.

Dr Johansson at The Karolinska Institute has the hard evidence you are looking for.

Where we go from there I do not know, but we do need to pay attention to the longitudinal evidence we do have, if not for our sakes, at least for the sake of our children.

Sofia Johnson