On the long-term future of the Sub Rooms in Stroud.

Posted by JulianCBrown: The Sub Rooms were funded, as its name suggests, by public subscription all those years ago. The council, therefore, has NO right to sell off a resource that belongs to ALL of us local council tax payers. The ‘Subs’ MUST stay in public control otherwise we’ll see it run by a private company which would only operate it on a pure profit-making basis. It’s OUR ‘Subs’ and it must remain that way!

Posted by Salendine: Indeed it was public subscription. Back in the days of huge inequality of wealth some elements of the public could afford to subscribe to the building of such venues. The question is are you happy to keep subscribing? Perhaps you would be happy to tick a box on your council tax return that states I’ll pay a bit extra to keep the sub rooms public? I doubt the majority of Stroud residents could afford that. Or should we go back to the days of huge inequality so the landed rich and professionals can start to fund public building again?

Posted by JulianCBrown: I would be happy to pay a bit more council tax in order to keep the Subs public. Although my daughter suggested crowd funding to buy it for the community.

On Theresa May’s proposal to pull the UK out of the European single market Posted by SensibleStroudy: Oh dear, seriously?

The majority of the people who turned out to vote, voted leave, that is the fact that matter. Yet still the remain-ers cannot accept defeat. Worse still, the remain side continue to belittle and patronise the leave-voting majority. ‘Maybe they didn’t understand what they were voting for?’. Peddling unsubstantiated claims that there are vast swathes of leave voters who were somehow duped into voting the wrong way and now regret it.

What about the remain campaign’s warnings of World War Three and complete economic collapse in the wake of a leave vote? How many of the public were scared into voting for the safety of the status quo by the lies of their leaders?

We are heading out of the European Union and we should all be striving to make that transition a success, not re-running the debate and hysteria of yesteryear. Campaign for peace, campaign for equality, campaign for progress and investment and education but don’t waste your life fighting to rerun a battle which you’ve already lost.